Realtor Referral Program

At Leesburg For Rent, we happily pay fees to Licensed Agents for referrals of new clients and or tenants.

Our fee for referrals of new, lease qualified tenants is a flat fee of $100.00.

Leesburg for Rent is exclusively a property management company. We DO NOT list or sell homes. If any of our clients seek home sales, we will refer them back to you.

When listings expire, refer your clients to us for professional service and a great fee.

If market conditions are threatening your listing, let us rent the property to a qualified, long term tenant. You keep the listing for when the market improves, and your client gets unexpected cash flow.

Our referral fees are paid from the first month’s rent for either signed management contracts or signed lease agreements.

Referral fees might be reduced if we have to negotiate a lesser fee with client.

All referrals will be paid to the supervising broker for distribution.

Leesburg for Rent’s realtor referral program is subject to change without notice.